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EDGAR P. SEWELL was born Aug 1855d,c in Steuben County, NY, probably Caton. He was the son of DOMINICUS SEWELL and MARTHA HURSTAN VEAZIE. He lived with his parentsa,b,c until his marriage in 1882d to LAURA E. ---. She was born Mar 1862d in Michigan. Edgar (sometimes Edward) and Laura lived and raised their children in the Blossburg, Tioga County, PA, aread,e,f,g,h, Edgar earning his living as a barber there.

The typhoid epidemic in Troy (PA) in late 1912f struck the family hard. Edgar, Laura, daughter Cora, son Barton, Barton's wife Zora and their son Russell were all hospitalized. Young Cora, 18 years of age, was the first in the town to die from the disease. Just a few weeks later, typhoid claimed Barton. Apparently Edgar suffered "post-typhoid insanity" and spent the rest of his life in a mental institutioni in Mahoning. Following Barton's death, Zora removed to Knoxvillel, PA, close to her birthplace and worked as a typist. Russell went to live with his maternal grandparents, AMOS E COE and ELLA J CONEn.

Children of EDGAR P. SEWELL and LAURA E. ---:


BARTON EDGAR SEWELL, b. Jan 1883 [d]; d. 1 Nov 1912 [f]; m. 22 Mar 1904 [f] ZORA MAE COE of Harrison Valley [f], PA, b. Nov 1882 [k], the daughter of AMOS E. COE and ELLA J CONE. Ch: RUSSEL C. SEWELL, b 22 Oct 1904 [e,m]; d Mar 1976 [m], Wellsboro, Tioga Co., PA


CORA E. SEWELL, b 3 Feb 1894 [o] in PA [d]; d 17 Oct 1912 of typhoid, Emergency Hospital, Troy, Bradford Co., PA [f]

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