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NANCY A. VEAZIE (daughtera of JOHN H VEAZIE and LOUISA FOLSOM) was born Sep 1841, in Mainec. She died in 1919d and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Caton, NY. She marriedc,e in 1865 DAMON H. RICHARDS. He was probably the sonb,m of ROBERT and HARRIET A RICHARDS, both born in England. He was born Feb 1842, probably in Caton, NY.

In 1850, following her father's death, Nancy is livinga with her mother. In 1860, following her mother's death in 1852, Nancy is livingf with her uncle, WILLIAM T. FOLSOM. In 1865, she had emigrated to New York, and is listed as "niece" in the householdg of her aunt, SARAH C FOLSOM VEAZIE. In 1870, Nancy Richards, age 28, born Maine, appears in Corning as the apparent wifeh of Damond[sic] Richards with children Edward and Jennie. Damon and Nancy apparently thereafter moved to Catonj,n,c,k and lived there the rest of their lives.

A legal notice in the Binghamton (NY) Pressl mentions "Jennie Richards Houlden," grand-daughter of Louisa Veazie, and Clarence Richards, great-grandchild of Louisa Veazie, as heirs to ROBERT W FOLSOM, a brother of Louisa and Sarah Folsom.



EDWARD J RICHARDS b.[o,p] 24 Nov 1866; d.[q] 20 Aug 1923; bd prob Caton, NY; m.[o] abt 1890, HARRIET BARBER[r] b.[o] Feb 1867; d.[s] aft 1930


JENNIE LOUISE RICHARDS b.[c] Apr 1868; d.[d] 1963; bd. Elmwood Cem., Caton, NY; m1[c] abt 1895 EDWIN AUGUSTUS COOK b.[c] Sep 1865; d.[d] 1941. Bd Elmwood Cem., Caton, NY; m2 [d,l,t,u] btwn 1920 and 1930 (unkn) HOULDEN

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