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Click on the Name Index icon at the top of any page to access the names of indexed individuals in this genealogy collection.

An Explanation

With emphasis on the descendants of William Veazie of Braintree, Massachusetts, and James Barkley, who came to America on the George and Ann.

I am in the process of revising my genealogy software to reflect my entire database. All family sheets have changed as well as the Name Index. For a while, two versions of the old pages are available through the original index and the previous index.

NOTE: In this genealogy references may be made to major genealogical references. Those references may variously appear as:

"Sprague": Genealogy of the Families of Braintree, Mass. 1640-1850, Waldo Chamberlain Sprague - CD, NEHGS, Picton Press

"Hillman" or "VG": Veazie Genealogy, Some Descendants of William Veazie Who Settled at Braintree, Massachusetts in 1640, Compiled by Ralph E. Hillman, CG
Penobscot Press, 2011, ISBN 0-89725-894-0, Library of Congress CN 2010942224

"Moffat": Barclays of New York, R. B. Moffat (Robert Grier Cooke. New York. 1904. Call no. R929.2 B244) , available for download in PDF format from

Available Genealogy Downloads (Word, RTF, GEDCOM)

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